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How to Choose the Right Internet Connectivity for Your Business

Posted by Meg McCall on 12/1/17 10:06 AM
With so many Internet options (e.g., copper, fiber, VDSL, wireless) available from so many different providers and so many speed combinations (e.g., (5/2, 20/20, 60/5 Mbps), it can be hard to know where to start. Below are some of the questions Digital West asks our prospective customers to help them choose the right connectivity solution for their business.

Clarifying Questions

  • What is your physical location? Your location will help us determine proximity to different circuit types (e.g., fiber, VDSL, wireless, etc.).
  • Do you have more than one location? If so, we’ll take that into account as we design a secure network between your locations.
  • Approximately how many computers are in your office? This provides us a sense of your preliminary bandwidth needs.
  • If you have servers, are they onsite or hosted in the cloud? This gives us a further clue into your bandwidth needs and whether you’ll need a symmetrical connection.
  • What types of files or data do you exchange on a day-to-day basis? Some businesses, such as architecture firms or medical offices, exchange large files that require more bandwidth.Test Your Internet Speed
  • What kind of phone system do you have, on premise or cloud-based, and will it run over this same network?
  • Do you need backup or redundant connectivity? Though no one likes to deal with the occasional planned or unplanned outage, some businesses -- like banks and credit unions -- must have a redundant connectivity in place at all times.
  • What other concerns, budget parameters or issues are you experiencing that we should take into consideration?

With these questions answered, Digital West will guide you to the best solution. And, of course, we’ll handle the installation, set-up, monitoring and ongoing, local technical support! Contact us to request a quote.

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America's Broadband Infrastructure is Aging

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 6/29/17 9:41 AM

This article, written by Mike Spieldeneer and recently published in the NEF newsletter, provides a good overview of the dilemma businesses and communities will soon be facing with respect to broadband.

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7 Key Benefits of Fiber Optic Connectivity

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 2/21/17 11:00 AM

Digital West has been working to make high speed fiber Internet more accessible to the Central Coast since 2010. Today, the Digital West fiber optic network helps municipalities run smoothly, businesses experience better returns and communities grow.

As the range of fiber infrastructure grows, fiber connectivity becomes a more affordable and simpler upgrade to your business technology. Let’s take a look at  the seven key benefits and advantages when you upgrade to a fiber optic network.

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Metro Fiber Internet Coming to Grover Beach

Posted by Sharon Durant on 6/15/16 4:30 PM

Digital West is expanding its fiber optic network beyond San Luis Obispo into Grover Beach. An agreement with the City has been reached for Digital West to deliver the much needed infrastructure to City public services and area businesses.

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Get Smart, Fast

Posted by Meg McCall on 10/17/14 4:12 PM

Digital West Smart Papers Page Icon

If you don't know your copper cable from your fiber, a shared virtual server from a dedicated one, or colocation from the cloud, we're here to help break it down for you. Check out Digital West's new Smart Papers -- a growing collection of short "how tos" and brief explanations of some of IT's more vexing questions.

We've published a new page on the Digital West website where you can download as few or as many as of the papers as you'd like. Click on the image above to access it, or visit our website. We'll be adding more topics over time. If there's a specific subject you'd like to see covered,  let us know. 

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Metro Fiber is "deal sweetener" for Roundhouse Place Apartments

Posted by Sharon Durant on 10/7/14 12:12 PM

When Roundhouse Place Apartments built fiber optic connectivity into their 39 market rate apartment homes, it was “a real attention getter and a deal sweetener,” according to Andrew Fuller, developer with Fuller Apartment Homes and Presidio Capital Partners. Before construction on the apartments was even finished, Roundhouse Place had every unit filled due to the excitement around the Metro Fiber connectivity. 

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Are Sharks Damaging Undersea Fiber Optic Cables?

Posted by Sharon Durant on 8/27/14 2:47 PM

A recent video emerged showing a shark take a bite at an undersea fiber optic cable.  Do you need to worry about sharks disrupting your overseas business connections? The short answer: no.  Here’s a look at the numbers telling what actually damages undersea cables:

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Fiber Optics or Copper: Which is Right for My Business?

Posted by Meg McCall on 8/20/14 11:21 AM

Whether you’re a small business or have offices and clients across the globe, having a fast, reliable Internet connection is pivotal to your business. If you don’t have knowledgeable IT staff on hand to help you understand the options available, you run the risk of experiencing IT headaches down the road, not to mention wasted resources.

There are multiple factors that impact both reliability and speed, including the type of Ethernet cable, whether you’re running cable short distances or long (e.g., down the street to your ISP), and the type of connection itself. Here’s a quick primer on the differences between fiber optics and copper cabling.

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More Businesses Choose Digital West Metro Fiber

Posted by Sharon Durant on 5/30/14 2:34 AM

Brian Clausen, CEO of Experts Exchange, sees the difference that Digital West Metro Fiber makes to the productivity and capabilities of his business.(See video.)  But Experts Exchange certainly isn’t the only business in San Luis Obispo that has experienced the benefits of the ultra-high-speed Internet connection. Dusty Davis, Owner and Creative Director of design agency Fertile Minds, stated this about his new fiber Internet connection: “We love it. The biggest difference we've noticed is the absolute lack of latency… that responsiveness makes a much bigger difference than we anticipated.” Other high capacity companies in San Luis Obispo that depend on our robust Internet connection to keep their operations running effectively are Mindbody, Mainstream Energy, Rosetta, iFixit, Taylor & Syfan, Lindamood-Bell Learning Process, and Sports Warehouse, to name only a few.

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Staff Highlight - Metro Fiber Team

Posted by Sharon Durant on 3/20/14 5:20 AM

Meet Dave and Billy. Dave is the Project Manager for Metro Fiber, while Billy is in charge of Field Operations. But around here we just like to call them the “Metro Fiber guys.” They’re the experts in cutting, splicing, and laying fiber in the ground as well as managing and expanding the fiber route around San Luis Obispo. With the new contract created with the City of San Luis Obispo to give Digital West access to the city’s conduit for the purpose of adding fiber access to downtown, Dave and Billy will certainly have their work cut out for them.

Billy Binns
Billy is the comedian of the Digital West crew. Recognized for always having his Tasmanian Devil coffee mug in hand, Billy knows how to light up the office. At work, he is the Field Operations Technician, which entails working with current and prospective customers to ensure proper installation and operation of our Metro Fiber to their office building as well as performing site surveys and designing the ever-changing fiber route.
Outside of the office, Billy loves to build things and work on his land off of Highway 227. Before coming on board with Digital West in 2010, he worked as a designer/production manager for several sign companies for over 20 years. His wife Nancy and he have been married for 19 years, and they have a 9 year old daughter named Josie.
Billy was born in Ojai and lived in Ventura for 39 years, where he met both his wife Nancy and became friends with Tim Williams, Digital West’s CEO/Founder. Thanks for all the work you do, Billy!

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