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Net Neutrality Battle in California

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 1/17/18 5:13 PM

Last month, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reversed net neutrality rules that regulate broadband providers who connect us to the Internet. This month, the net neutrality battle arrived in Sacramento. State Senator Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, introduced SB822, a bill that requires telecommunication companies doing business in California to guarantee equal Internet access. “We will protect a free and open Internet in our state,” tweeted Wiener.

SB822 will attempt to leverage state Public Utilities Commission regulations that oversee telecommunication companies to compel providers to maintain net neutrality rules.

The bill’s draft would require the state to buy Internet services from companies that comply with net neutrality. It would also require cable franchise agreements, state consumer protection laws, and “state-granted right to attach small cell or other broadband wireless communication devices to utility poles” to adhere to net neutrality rules.

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Net Neutrality: Keep the Internet Open

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 7/5/17 10:15 AM

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with support of big cable and telecom companies has been ready to jump on revoking its authority to enforce net neutrality rules. This July 12, dozens of websites, companies and organizations such as Amazon, Creative Commons, Internet Association and Netflix will participate in a "Day of Action" to keep net neutrality from being destroyed. The group is calling for community action in support and awareness of net neutrality.

But, does net neutrality matter? Does it matter which big corporations control the internet? 

Current net neutrality rules prevent powerful broadband providers (Charter and Comcast), as well as giant wireless providers (AT&T and Verizon), from blocking or slowing down access to lawful content. Here's an important detail: these companies can't create "fast lanes" for content providers who are willing to pay extra (and then passing the cost on to the consumer). What that means is your internet service provider (ISP) can't hold you hostage by slowing your Amazon Prime Video or Netflix stream to a molasses crawl (so you keep your cable plan), and your mobile carrier can't prevent you from using telecom apps (like Microsoft’s Skype) instead of your Verizon cell phone plan minutes.

So, does net neutrality as we know it matter? You better believe it does!

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Giving Businesses the "Home Team" Advantage

Posted by Meg McCall on 6/22/17 9:10 AM

Business Technology Solutions VideoThe technology landscape continues to evolve, minute-by-minute. For businesses that means the playing field is changing. At Digital West, we are discoverers. Our mission is to inspire our customers and our community by exposing them to life-changing technology. We want to give area businesses the home field advantage, to take care of their technology needs so they can focus on other priorities.

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Digital West and Norcast Telecom Networks Join Forces

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 1/24/17 9:54 AM


Digital West and Norcast Telecom Networks have joined forces to transform the way businesses engage technology. The united Digital West company will continue under the Digital West name becoming the single largest business infrastructure service in the Central Coast region.

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Top Ten IT Concerns for CIOs in 2016

Posted by Meg McCall on 9/15/16 1:03 PM

The Society for Information Management (SIM) published a report not too long ago defining the Top 10 concerns that CIOs have in 2016. Not surprisingly, “security and privacy” and “cost reduction” were on the list, but what is notable is the growing understanding that technology and business must work hand-in-hand. A company’s IT investments are key factor in its ability to innovate, to create efficiencies, to create alignment.  This quote from the report summarizes it well:

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Ethernet – It’s what we deliver

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 1/27/13 3:31 AM

Good article on how important Cloud services are making your Internet connection. Got fiber?

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Power, Pollution and the Internet

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 9/26/12 1:26 AM

Although this article makes some pretty large assumptions, it is true that older data centers were not built with efficiencies in mind. Most of them require that for every Amp of electricity used to power a computer, the data center uses another 1.5 Amps of power for cooling and lights. That’s a 150% increase in electricity needed!

Digital West Networks, Inc. prides itself on being a “Green” data center. We used the latest design methodology when building our data center 10 years ago, and use cooling equipment that only runs as much as it is needed. Additionally, we use outside air to assist in cooling the data center.

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Do You Know Where Your Internet Comes From?

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 9/22/12 1:28 AM

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2012 San Luis Obispo Heart Walk - American Heart Association

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 8/18/12 3:57 AM

Join us at the 20th Annual San Luis Obispo Heart Walk at the Avila Beach Promenade and Bob Jones Trail. This 5k event raises awareness of cardiovascular disease and stroke, and empower our community members to take charge of their health.

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It Has Been a Great Summer for the SLO HotHouse

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 8/12/12 3:59 AM

The SLO HotHouse Accelerator is run by the Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, funded by the Cal Poly Supporters and Alumni, and supported by the Cal Poly Small Business Development Center for Innovation.

The Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) opens the world of entrepreneurial opportunity to Cal Poly students and faculty members and promotes entrepreneurial activity, scholarship and dialogue across the university and throughout greater San Luis Obispo County. The CIE encourages students to innovate to create solutions to difficult challenges, while assisting them in developing the entrepreneurial spirit, resourcefulness and tools required for lasting success

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