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Cause and Effect: Giving Back

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 8/23/18 10:15 AM

Digital West is privileged to be involved in our community and give back to many San Luis Obispo area organizations; our combined strength through community involvement helps all of us thrive and grow. 

One of our core values is Giving Generously. This is the value that inspires us to contribute our support to communities and organizations, who in turn help the Central Coast flourish. We continue to grow because we are stronger together in all areas - commerce, education, non-profit and government. 

Imagination Park Fall Classic Golf Tournament

Jack's Helping Hand is one of the very special organizations in our region which assists hundreds of Central Coast families and children who live with illness and physical challenges

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Digital West Summer of Giving 2017

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 8/23/17 9:44 AM


We believe that giving back is a cornerstone of building a strong community. It goes without saying that creating economic, business and technological growth in the Central Coast a nd surrounding areas is our business goal. But caring and giving back is important for all of us to successfu lly  thrive as well. Each year, through corporate and in-kind giving, event participation, and volunteering, we support a wide range of local charity events, technology initiatives and community organizations.

Community Giving

Our team stays active throughout the year with our service clubs, serving on boards, and volunteering with civic organizations. Some of us have been volunteers in our communities for over 15 years! Read about Digital West's fall community involvement with a few organizations that we support annually. 

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Digital West Community Support

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 9/23/16 10:30 AM

Although Digital West is privileged to support many San Luis Obispo area non-profit organizations with in-kind hosting and other charitable contributions, September has been a month to focus on the company Core Value of Giving Generously. 

At Digital West, Giving Generously is a value that allows us to help our community thrive and succeed. We have grown and continue to grow because of the support of the community in all areas - commerce, education, non-profit and government. 

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Jack's Helping Hand Provides Assistance and Programs to Children with Cancer and Special Needs

Posted by Sharon Durant on 8/23/16 12:09 PM

Digital West's Core Value of Giving Generously drives us to provide in-kind website hosting to any local non-profit, and Jack's Helping Hand is one of the many incredible organizations in our community that we support. We value the work that Jack's Helping Hand does of improving the lives of children in the community and want to let our followers and fans know about them.

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Good Samaritan Shelter: San Luis Obispo Non Profits Spotlight

Posted by Sharon Durant on 6/25/15 11:41 AM

One of our favorite things about doing business on the Central Coast is seeing the work of the many diverse non-profits that are serving the area. By providing complimentary web hosting services to san luis obispo non profits, Digital West gets to hear the stories behind these organizations. One of these local non-profits that we are able to serve is Good Samaritan Shelter.

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Children's Resource Network of the Central Coast

Posted by Sharon Durant on 4/10/15 2:04 PM

Each month we like to highlight a different non-profit in San Luis Obispo to showcase the wonderful work being done in our community! One of the many non-profits that we support through complimentary website hosting is the Children’s Resource Network of the Central Coast. It began its operations in 2009 when a mother needed essential school items for her children and was not able to provide them by her own means. In its 6 years of operation, the Children’s Resource Network has served over 20,000 local children by providing them with necessities for school and home.  Books, clothes, school supplies, and diapers are just some of the items provided by the Children’s Resource Network.

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Cal Poly Startup Career Fair

Posted by Sharon Durant on 4/1/15 10:28 AM

San Luis Obispo is a unique town with a powerful energy. Much of that stems from the array of startups throughout the county and the contagious entrepreneurial spirit. Cal Poly brings bright, energetic minds to the region, and the growing local businesses have a pool of driven and motivated individuals ready to make a difference in the workplace.

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San Luis Obispo Non Profit Highlight: Softec

Posted by Sharon Durant on 3/6/15 11:00 AM

Softec is a San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara County based non-profit with a mission to advance business formation and growth in the technology sector, and Digital West is a proud sponsor of this group. Softec was founded in 1994 under the principle of connecting resources, people, and ideas in the tech trade and has consistently followed through with this mission over 20 years later. Softec puts on several events each month, including open houses of different local companies, participation in startup and robotics events, and speaking seminars like last month’s “Women in Technology.”  Check out their website for more info.

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Women's Shelter Program of SLO to Receive Metro Fiber Internet

Posted by Sharon Durant on 2/6/15 11:00 AM

On February 2, 1999, Digital West was born when founder Tim Williams turned up his first T1 line and went live using just a few servers in a closet.  

To celebrate our 16th birthday, we’ve decided to give out a gift of our own: Metro Fiber Internet services to our longstanding customer and friends at the Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo County. 

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Digital West Supports The TEACh Foundation

Posted by Sharon Durant on 12/12/14 11:00 AM

It’s time for our monthly non-profit partner spotlight! We would like to give a shoutout to the TEACh Foundation (The Endowment for the Advancement of Children), one of the ~100 community non-profits that we support through complimentary website and email hosting.

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