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Top Ten IT Concerns for CIOs in 2016

Posted by Meg McCall on 9/15/16 1:03 PM

The Society for Information Management (SIM) published a report not too long ago defining the Top 10 concerns that CIOs have in 2016. Not surprisingly, “security and privacy” and “cost reduction” were on the list, but what is notable is the growing understanding that technology and business must work hand-in-hand. A company’s IT investments are key factor in its ability to innovate, to create efficiencies, to create alignment.  This quote from the report summarizes it well:

Digital  West Metro Fiber Address Inquiry“The whole idea of “technology departments” with their own “chiefs” and “teams” is a remnant from the 20th century. Today – and forever – there is no business without technology and no technology without business: they should be integrated!”

  1. Technology Alignment with the Business
  2. Security & Privacy
  3. Speed of IT Delivery & Time to Market
  4. Innovation
  5. Business Productivity & Efficiency
  6. IT Value Proposition to the Business
  7. IT Agility & Flexibility
  8. IT Cost Reduction & Controls
  9. Business Agility & Flexibility
  10. Business Cost Reduction & Controls

You can read more in this Forbes Tech article. And if you’d like some guidance on short-term projects or long-term planning, visit our website to learn about ways Digital West can help.

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