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On-Premise Landlines or Hosted Phones: What's the best choice?

Posted by Meg McCall on 6/27/17 1:00 PM

With so many choices, it's tough to know where to begin when choosing a new phone system.  There are at least two main categories of phone service: on premise land lines and cloud phones, the latter of which may also be referred to as Voice Over IP (VoIP), hosted phone, voice over broadband, or IP telephony. 

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Giving Businesses the "Home Team" Advantage

Posted by Meg McCall on 6/22/17 9:10 AM

Business Technology Solutions VideoThe technology landscape continues to evolve, minute-by-minute. For businesses that means the playing field is changing. At Digital West, we are discoverers. Our mission is to inspire our customers and our community by exposing them to life-changing technology. We want to give area businesses the home field advantage, to take care of their technology needs so they can focus on other priorities.

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VoIP and Hosted Phone Systems:  What Determines Voice Quality?

Posted by Meg McCall on 6/1/17 4:41 PM

Hosted phone systems, also referred to Voice Over IP (VoIP), IP telephony, voice over broadband or cloud phones, have gotten a bad rap over the years and often for good reason. Lost packets, jitter and latency aren’t some strange condition related to coffee-drinking, they are culprits that affect voice quality in VoIP conversations. Businesses have come to expect the outstanding call quality of landlines and are sometimes hesitant to transition to a cloud phone system, despite the cost savings, ease of programming and elimination of onsite service calls.


Bandwidth – Speed is generally the top factor driving whether conversations are spotty. If you have two dozen employees making concurrent phone calls, 5/2 Mbps isn’t going to cut it. Without adequate 

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Getting To Know You: Your ISP Data is Up For Sale

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 4/12/17 10:00 AM

At the end of March 2017, The House of Representatives and the Senate voted to reverse the landmark Federal Communications Commission (FCC) privacy protection regulation that requires Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to get consumers' permission before selling their data. The President is supportive of the roll back bill, meaning it’s unlikely he will veto the measure.

Just to be clear, ISPs (such as Charter, TimeWarner and Verizon) necessarily carry much of your traffic data and this allows them understand what you do online, especially your search data. Although you can switch from Google to Firefox, switching your ISP (many of which are often monopolies) to one that protects your privacy isn’t as easy. As former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler told the Huffington Post, “…if I don’t like the practice of my network provider, I’m out of luck.”

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7 Key Benefits of Fiber Optic Connectivity

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 2/21/17 11:00 AM

Digital West has been working to make high speed fiber Internet more accessible to the Central Coast since 2010. Today, the Digital West fiber optic network helps municipalities run smoothly, businesses experience better returns and communities grow.

As the range of fiber infrastructure grows, fiber connectivity becomes a more affordable and simpler upgrade to your business technology. Let’s take a look at  the seven key benefits and advantages when you upgrade to a fiber optic network.

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Digital West and Norcast Telecom Networks Join Forces

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 1/24/17 9:54 AM


Digital West and Norcast Telecom Networks have joined forces to transform the way businesses engage technology. The united Digital West company will continue under the Digital West name becoming the single largest business infrastructure service in the Central Coast region.

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Digital West Passes Rigorous SOC 2 Type 2 Data Center Audit

Posted by Meg McCall on 12/20/16 12:38 PM

For the third consecutive year, Digital West has successfully completed a SOC 2 Type 2 examination of the security and availability of our colocation services. The exam was conducted by the independent firm, 360 Advanced, in accordance with standards put forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). They conducted an evaluation of the controls Digital West has in place to protect our clients’ data security and availability.

Engaging in the SOC 2 exam is a demonstration of Digital West’s commitment to world class data services, and establishes us as the only carrier neutral data center between Santa Clara and Los Angeles Counties to have passed this rigorous evaluation. “Our customers have always had great faith in our ability to securely store and 

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Is it safe to use Facebook credentials to login to other websites?

Posted by Sharon Durant on 11/29/16 11:53 AM

Short answer- No, not really. Here's why:

A recent vulnerability was exposed in the OAuth 2.0 protocol that opened a floodgate of exposed passwords. Chinese researchers examined 600 top U.S. and Chinese Android mobile apps that use OAuth 2.0 APIs from Facebook, Google and Sina and support single sign-on for third-party apps. They found that 41.2 percent of the apps they tested were vulnerable to their attack, including popular dating, travel, shopping, hotel booking, finance, chat, music and news apps. The researchers said the apps they tested were downloaded more than 2.4 billions times in aggregate, meaning that more than one billion are vulnerable!

If you use Facebook or Google+ login credentials to sign in to other websites, your password could be 

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Why Bigger Isn't Always Better

Posted by Meg McCall on 11/10/16 10:15 AM

Two more telco giants recently announced they are consolidating: CenturyLink and Level 3 Communications. This latest deal comes off the heels of AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner for $85 billion. And, not to be left out of the excitement, just this week Windstream and Earthlink agreed to a $1.1 billion merger.

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Secure Your Business with these IT Policies

Posted by Sharon Durant on 9/30/16 12:40 PM

Employees are one of your biggest security holes. There is no foolproof prevention method for human error, and this is why employee mistakes are one of the most common causes of a security breach. So what can you do to prevent it? Well at the very least you need to include policies in your employee handbook, and ensure your employee reads through it and signs off on agreeing to abide by them. Having measures in place drastically reduces the chances of a security breach. Here are four areas to keep in mind when developing your own.

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