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More Businesses Choose Digital West Metro Fiber

Posted by Sharon Durant on 5/30/14 2:34 AM

High speed Internet San Luis ObispoBrian Clausen, CEO of Experts Exchange, sees the difference that Digital West Metro Fiber makes to the productivity and capabilities of his business.(See video.)  But Experts Exchange certainly isn’t the only business in San Luis Obispo that has experienced the benefits of the ultra-high-speed Internet connection. Dusty Davis, Owner and Creative Director of design agency Fertile Minds, stated this about his new fiber Internet connection: “We love it. The biggest difference we've noticed is the absolute lack of latency… that responsiveness makes a much bigger difference than we anticipated.” Other high capacity companies in San Luis Obispo that depend on our robust Internet connection to keep their operations running effectively are Mindbody, Mainstream Energy, Rosetta, iFixit, Taylor & Syfan, Lindamood-Bell Learning Process, and Sports Warehouse, to name only a few.

The Digital West Metro Fiber connection is different than other Internet services in the area because our entire route is made up of 100% fiber. Competitors use a combination of copper and fiber or coax and fiber, which simply do not match the 100% fiber connection that Digital West offers. To learn more about Digital West Metro Fiber, visit, and be sure to stay tuned for a huge Metro Fiber announcement in the coming weeks.

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