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Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Solution in Place to Ensure Business Continuity?

Posted by Meg McCall on 4/13/18 12:00 PM

2016Jan25_BusinessContinuity_C.jpgYou know how difficult it can be to lose a file, like a report you’ve been working on for days. That’s why using remote backup is so important. Now imagine you’ve lost not just that file, but data on all the servers housed in your business or data center.  Now you’ve lost your accounts receivables, tax records, customer information, personnel records -- everything you need to run your business.  That’s what disaster recovery platforms are for; they provide a redundant, offsite, near real-time copy of your entire business operations in the event that a fire, flood or other disaster destroys your server environment and the data that’s in it.

Digital West has recently opened a colocation facility in Denver, Colorado. The site provides 10 Gbps of connectivity to host our geographically distributed disaster recovery and business continuity platform powered by VeeamThe platform delivers site redundancy by backing up your server environment, whether that be virtualized desktops or the servers that host your phone system or storage. The cost of securing a product like Veeam for an individual company would run in the tens of thousands of dollars, plus the additional hardware costs of the redundant location. Digital West is absorbing this large capital expense and offering this solution to our customers; all you pay is a monthly fee for the service.  If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.

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