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Carrier Neutral Providers – Key to your business decision

Posted by Digital West Inc. on 10/31/12, 4:53 AM

Managed Network Services: Why Select a Carrier-Neutral Provider

By Scott Brueggeman

When companies pursue managed network services, they should pay particular attention to carrier neutrality. Being “carrier-neutral" basically means the company is free to use whatever carrier they choose. They’re not required to use any specific carrier of a services provider.

By contracting directly with telecommunications and Internet carriers, a company can get the best rates and services for their specific business requirements. They are also free to use the carriers of a managed network services provider if it makes sense. Experienced providers can provide access to dozens of carriers they have worked with for years.

Selecting a Carrier-Neutral Provider

A managed network services customer in a carrier-neutral data center has the flexibility to connect to any carrier they want. They can also purchase any configuration of services from the carrier of their choice. Best of all, they can be assured of no conflict of interest between a carrier and services provider.

To find the best partner for your managed network services, consider the following:

  • Evaluate how much flexibility you have when changing carriers. How freely can you switch carriers and how easy is it?
  • Determine what fees, if any, are involved in switching carriers.
  • Find out how many carrier relationships the managed network services provider has established. The more options you have to enter into your own carrier agreements, the more likely you’ll get the most appropriate services at the best rates.
  • Clarify the offerings of the service provider. The provider may have unique and cost effective services based on its carrier partnerships. These services might prove more beneficial than what a business may be able to negotiate on its own.

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