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Jack's Helping Hand Provides Assistance and Programs to Children with Cancer and Special Needs

Posted by Sharon Durant on 8/23/16 12:09 PM

Digital West's Core Value of Giving Generously drives us to provide in-kind website hosting to any local non-profit, and Jack's Helping Hand is one of the many incredible organizations in our community that we support. We value the work that Jack's Helping Hand does of improving the lives of children in the community and want to let our followers and fans know about them.

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Cloud services make IT teams more productive

Posted by Meg McCall on 8/16/16 2:00 PM

Talkin’ Cloud recently posted a blog featuring research from BetterCloud and 451 Research suggesting cloud applications make IT teams better at work. Excerpts from the blog follow.

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Sophisticated new malware, Project Sauron, discovered

Posted by Meg McCall on 8/10/16 10:04 AM

Kaspersky Lab and Symantec, two leading security providers, have discovered a sophisticated form of malware that went undetected for five years. It’s called Project Sauron, a reference to JRR Tolkien’s dark lord.

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Risks Financial Firms Face

Posted by Sharon Durant on 8/5/16 12:15 PM

TTP’s stands for threats and tactics, techniques and procedures, the number of which has been gradually increasing since 2015. The financial services sector has long been the target for cyber criminals, where they apply a myriad of techniques ranging from social-engineering to credential-stealing malware. This means the time for security professionals to boost cyber situational awareness has never been more fitting. These are the seven latest threats that have recently surfaced:

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Data Transfer from Europe to the USA

Posted by Digital West Networks Inc. on 8/1/16 11:00 AM

In October 2015, the European Court of Justice declared the previously valid Safe Harbor agreement for transatlantic data transfer to be invalid. On February 2, 2016, it became clear that the two negotiating parties would work on a follow-up agreement. In the meantime, legal uncertainty prevails. Not only can data protection authorities submit further claims, the new Privacy Shield agreement still has to be passed by the EU states and the EU parliament.

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How Virtualization Helps Cut Costs

Posted by Sharon Durant on 7/14/16 12:49 PM

With the gradual integration of virtualization, many small and medium-sized businesses have seen many benefits that extend beyond their bottom line. Not only does it aid with cost efficiency but also with disaster recovery and several other areas of operations. Here are a few other reasons why thousands of SMBs are virtualizing their business model.

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Utility Tech trends for 2016

Posted by Digital West Networks Inc. on 7/7/16 11:00 AM

The Grid is a part of our every day lives, so innovative technology for industries in the business of energy and basic utilities must be extremely reliable and secure. While technology can be testable in some other industries, utility companies cannot afford that flexibility. Technologies that reduce costs, increase efficiency, allow for real-time decision-making and improve performance remain top priorities.

Utility Tech Trends

    • Management Software for Distributed Energy Resources: These platforms enable better management and ensure quicker responses in grid performance. Utilities need robust software to manage microsecond decisions about the variability and demand for electricity sources, for example.
    • Lower LiDAR Costs: “Light” and “Radar” equipment that captures and converts data into 3D imagery will enable utilities to capture 3D data of trees and other vegetation close to wires and lines. They can then plan ahead and trim vegetation and avoid unexpected outage costs.


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2016 Technology trends for attorneys

Posted by Digital West Networks Inc. on 6/30/16 11:00 AM

There’s no question that the way legal services are delivered is rapidly changing. Law firms increasingly
rely on computer and data management systems to create, share and store information. Even when analog (or even paper) means are used to create documents, they are converted into some type of digital format for organization and management. Research, document review and communication between clients, other attorneys and courts have sped up because of digital technology. In fact, many law firms have gone entirely paperless.

Tech Trends in Law

  • Digital Records & Data Retention in the Cloud: Although some law firms still use paper files and physically house them both on- and offsite, an estimated 90% now scan or convert their files to a digital format and store them in the cloud. There’s also data from email, PCs, cell phones, flash drives and Internet—based phone systems. And while regulations for data retention differ across industries, law firms have data retention requirements ranging from six to 10 years, depending upon the state. That’s a lot of data! Cloud technologies provide the means for attorneys to readily access information and communicate with clients. Some larger firms have their data stored on in-house servers or in a colocation facility, but smaller firms and individual attorneys tend to purchase cloud storage from an IT provider that has the facilities, expertise and hardware in place to securely host their data. This is a cost-effective approach that also eliminates the need to hire costly IT personnel. Cloud technologies can also aid in making daily logistics, such as billing, time tracking and contract management, more efficient.
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Can Your Business Survive a Disaster?

Posted by Sharon Durant on 6/22/16 12:36 PM

Disasters. They do happen — it’s only a matter of ‘when’. While most businesses acknowledge it, surveys show that only one in four companies worldwide have adequate protection in the event of a major disruption. We’re not talking about insurance here, but a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan that could save you thousands of dollars in losses and worse, a business closure. If you haven’t heard much about what DR is, this post will help you gain some insight about what it is and how it can affect the future of your business.

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Metro Fiber Internet Coming to Grover Beach

Posted by Sharon Durant on 6/15/16 4:30 PM

Digital West is expanding its fiber optic network beyond San Luis Obispo into Grover Beach. An agreement with the City has been reached for Digital West to deliver the much needed infrastructure to City public services and area businesses.

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